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Positive 8 Case Study

Positive 8 provides IT solutions for the hospitality and retail industries and have been in operation since December 2005. I’ve run a number of programmes with them including team-building and developing business opportunities.

Here’s what they had to say:

Positive8 has worked closely with Karen O’Connor of Million Training since we founded our company in December 2005. One of the first programmes she ran was a Team Building programme This helped us to motivate and inspire our team to start out positively with a good attitude for new beginnings.

The programme was delivered in such a way that it was fun but we achieved our objectives, which were around building marketing skills and teamwork. Karen also managed to create an atmosphere were people could relax and work well together.

In January 2007, Million Training delivered a Developing Business Opportunities programme and as Karen said:

“Today’s competitive environment requires more than just good interpersonal skills. Good salespeople are made, not born. They may have the inherent interpersonal skills and the ‘will-to-win’ but that must be matched by effective structures, processes and techniques.”

This course allowed us to identify our target market and helped our team to understand and experience the best way to plan and make the initial contact with a prospective customer.

The team also had the opportunity to learn telephone sales techniques and Karen also helped us to understand what processes and disciplines we needed to put in place to follow up sales leads.

The course gave us gave us focus on building our business.

Karen has been an inspirational and motivational person to work with; she is a very passionate about what she does. She has acted as a mentor to me over the past 18 months.

Sally-Ann Cox, Positive8 Ltd.

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