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Team building

One team with the same vision - 1 day programme

It’s a well known fact that when there’s a great performing team: you get great results.

So this one day programme of team building activities aims to stop you thinking less like individuals and departments – and more like one team with the same goals. And it’s all good fun.

What’s covered in the team building programme?

So what do you get to do?

Weather permitting there’ll be a number of indoor and outdoor team building exercises; including Badminton babes; If the price is right; and Around the world in 80 days!

All the team building activities will demonstrate the power of collaboration and the effect of competition within groups. You will also be involved in group goal setting activities, and do some individual action planning.

This team building programme makes use of personality analysis (using the Belbin method) and its role in effective communication in teams.

At the end of the team building exercise programme you will:

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