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Great Expectations for managers - 2 day programme

Would you like to increase your team’s performance, increase customer satisfaction AND increase sales? Of course you would!

This two day programme will look at different ways to improve customer service within your business. And help you to develop a successful campaign that will encourage your team to achieve fantastic results.

What’s covered in the customer service training programme?

So what do you get to do?

Day 1

You’ll get the chance to hit the high street to see what customers really want. And you’ll get to look at your business and identify real opportunities to improve customer service levels and sales figures.

Day 2

Now you’ve got a plan in place you’ll need to turn ideas into actions and get enthusiasm and commitment from the other members of your team. One of the exercises is a murder mystery challenge where you’ll get to use your negotiation, influencing and listening skills.

And during the final section you’ll get to think about your business and the challenges ahead, and build on your own action plan.

At the end of the customer service programme you will:

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