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Management and Leadership Skills

Managing yourself as well as your team - 2 day programme

Managing your own performance was one thing. But now you have a whole team to look after. Don’t panic!

This two day management and leadership programme is ideal if you’re a new or recently promoted manager. You’ll learn a number of management techniques for getting the best out of yourself – and the people you manage.

What’s covered in the management and leadership programme?

So what do you get to do?

This is an enjoyable and interactive two day programme with outdoor and indoor exercises. You’ll be involved in group discussions as well as individual activities. And these will give you an opportunity to reflect on your current management style.

Over the two days we’ll do a number of exercises including: El Nino; Mission Impossible; and If the Price is right! These entertaining exercises will demonstrate why a good leadership style is so essential to your success as a manager; the effects of group dynamics and the games team members can play within a group; and the power of good teamwork.

At the end of the management and leadership programme you will:

Other Management Skills

Effective communication skills

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Performance Management

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