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Performance Management

Getting people to do it better - 1 day programme

Can you make a good team member even better? Is it possible to turn an under-performer into a shining star?

This one day performance management programme looks at your role in managing your team’s performance; how to recognise if things are going wrong; and how to get your team back on track.

What’s covered in the performance management programme?

So what do you get to do?

During the first part of the day we’ll look at a manager’s role in managing performance. And why performances drop. We’ll also discover what tools exist to identify standards of performance within a business.

We’ll look at two case studies including a printing company where someone’s performance has dropped over a number of weeks. And a second case study starring Jack Frost the reluctant computer worker. You’ll get to play the role of consultant and use some performance management techniques to get Jack back to winning ways.

At the end of the performance management programme you will:

Other Management Skills

Effective communication skills

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Appraisal skills training

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Management and Leadership Skills

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