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Advanced Presentation Skills

How to grab your audiences’ attention – and keep it - 2 day programme

After a presentation, do you get the feeling that you’ve just survived it rather than delivered it confidently? Do you want to be perceived as one of the ‘good guys’ when it comes to getting your message across?

This two day programme on advanced presentation skills will provide you with the skills required to plan and deliver an engaging presentation with confidence.

What’s covered in the advanced presentation skills training programme?

So what do you get to do?

This is an informal and highly participative programme, using a variety of methods to promote learning. These include discussions, exchange of ideas, individual and group exercises.

Most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to refine an existing presentation and prepare a new one over the course of the programme. Beware there is homework to complete in the evening of day 1. Each person has an opportunity to practice their presentation skills in practice sessions.

At the end of the advanced presentation skills training programme you will:

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