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Individual Business Coaching

To achieve your goals and get results

Do you:

If the answer is yes, then individual business coaching sessions may benefit you. Coaching is concerned entirely with achieving personal change. We’ll work with you to explore what you want to achieve. And then work through a process in which you’ll set your own goals using the coaching process.

Individual business coaching is concerned with areas such as:

General benefits of individual business coaching

Further enhance your stature and credibility in the eyes of others. And increasing your opportunities to make a real contribution and difference to the business

What happens and timescales

The set-up of the coaching sessions will be dependent on your needs and will usually start with a 2 hour meeting (to begin the contracting and diagnosis stage). This is followed by 1-2 hour face to face coaching session per month. During this time, you’ll be supported with telephone and email coaching. The contracting period is usually 3, 6 or 12 months.

Coaching works because it is personal, often intensive and builds upon and refines your existing skills and talents.

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