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Essential Presentation Skills

How to present your ideas with confidence - 1 day programme

Making a presentation has most of us quaking in our boots. This one day essential presentation skills programme will give you the confidence to stand in front of a large group and get your message across with pizzazz.

What’s covered in the essential presentation skills training programme?

So what do we get to do?

First things First! Start with the end in mind

You’ll consider the reasons why you’re presenting, the needs of the audience and the power of structuring a great presentation

Dress rehearsal

You’ll dive in "feet first" with a short practice presentation that will illustrate the points discussed.

‘It's not what you say, it’s the way that you say it’

In this session you’ll investigate what makes presenters nervous. And the reasons why your voice, eye contact, movement and gestures can captivate your audience and create a confident impression.

Planning the presentation

In this section you’ll discover the ABC of presenting, and have the opportunity to review and build on your first presentation. In addition you’ll identify why visual aids play an integral part of a presentation and the benefits and drawbacks of using flipcharts and power points.

Curtains up

This is your second chance to practice the same presentation, incorporating everything learnt throughout the day

At the end of the essential presentation skills training programme you will:

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